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Belize still has the rare opportunity to protect, conserve and preserve an existing sustainable and regenerative water suppy system. But it, like other natural resources, is being used and abused, resulting in compromise, contamination, diversion and deforestation for profit. 

Water protection is the most important thing we can provide for our children. Without a plentiful clean, drinkable water supply system humans, plants, and animals cannot live.

Greatest Threats/Contaminants to Belize Drinking Water and Environment
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Southeastern Watershed

Water Safety Concerns of the Southeastern Watershed of Belize

Development to Extract Resources

Update...Aug 31, 2022

Emergency Notice re Vulcan Materials from
Aquatic Ecologist Ed Boles

Dear Colleagues,

As a concerned citizen of Belize, I am providing information about Vulcan Materials Company (attached), a multi-billion dollar aggregate mining company in the United States, and its purchase of White Ridge Farm in the Stann Creek District of Belize.  Their intent is to blast, pulverize, and ship Sugar Hills, a limestone formation, to the southeastern US for use as road fill. Blasting shall disrupt local hydrologic systems in the Southern Lagoon area, threatening the largest concentration of Caribbean manatees, as well as Central American River Turtles, American Crocodiles, and other fauna. The crushed material shall be carried by a conveyer bridge that passes over an important Hawks Bill Sea Turtle nesting beach to waiting cargo ships in the dredged out center of the Inner Channel behind the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Spokes persons for the current Belize Government have stated that no strip mining shall occur in this area.

However, Vulcan Materials is persistent and maybe even desperate to open their first mine in Belize.  The Mexican Government temporarily shut down the Vulcan Calica Mine south of Playa del Carmen in February and again on May 5, 2022, this time closing it due to the extensive damage the mining operation was causing to the local environment and the water table. This mine was producing 12 million tons of crushed limestone for the US market. In response these shutdowns, Vulcan has two lawsuit against the Mexican Government for $1.1 and $1.5 billion USD and the International Center for Investment Disputes shall be issuing a decision. Ten US republican senators are urging US President Biden to protect Vulcan and put strong pressure on Mexico. Vulcan Materials has a long history of litigation within many areas of the United States where they operate mines, so this is nothing new to their legal team and their US political support.

This web address, https://www.whiteridgeproject.com/, takes you to the site where Vulcan Materials describes benefits of having this company within Belize. The attached document tells a very different story, reviewing the scientific literature describing ecological and social impacts of limestone mining and taking a close look at the Vulcan site near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The Calica Mine in Mexico is an indicator of what can happen in Belize if this corporation gets set up in our small country. If the Government of Belize had to take action against Vulcan for violations of their agreement and failure to protect the environment, as is occurring in many places where Vulcan is operating, we too could face a billion dollar plus lawsuit backed by a powerful and well-funded group of corporate lawyers. If this mega corporation gets a foothold in our small country, our world renowned ecological resources and cultural/social identity may change forever. 

The Vulcan team arrives this month to begin groundwork to get the mine eventually opened. The word needs to get out. The people need to know who we are up against and what the real stakes are, the real cost we and our great grandchildren shall have to bare. If this is of concern to you, please help us spread the word. Forward this document to anyone who may be interested in helping us protect our country from this corporate resource grab. We need all the assistance and support we can muster against this threat that if realized shall impact our ecosystems, water resources, ecotourism, economy, and cultural integrity. We need to collectively speak out.

Please share this with your Belize networks. Thank you for your attention and your concern.

Ed Boles
Aquatic Ecologist

Background on Vulcan Materials Company and Expected Impacts should

White Ridge Farm Karst Hills Become an Aggregate Mine

Executive Summary

Letter from Vulcan Rep Janet Kavinoky in Response to Ed Boles Analysis

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Health Risks Associated with Residents Living Near Quarrying Operations

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Dr. Vandana Shiva's twitter observation regarding mining operations in northern India in 2018:
"Over 5 decades I have seen Himalayan Springs disappear because of blasting of mountains for roads & dams."

  • Stop Vulcan Quarry -- A group in Texas struggling to save their 1500 acres from Vulcan  Materials Quarry
  • Vulcan Materials -- from Mexico Business News. López Obrador said that even though the situation with Vulcan Materials will be taken to international courts, it is not ruled out that the government could reach an agreement with the company. “When the decision was made to completely cancel their project, they accused the government in international courts. We are going to take the situation to the UN and other international tribunals as well. We do not deny that there is a possibility of an agreement, but as long as we are heading this government, we will not allow more material to be extracted from Calica.”Vulcan Materials has mined limestone in Quintana Roo, Mexico since 1986. However, in 2018, the company-initiated arbitration against Mexico under the USMCA due to the revocation of its port concessions. The company explained that this revocation closed its operations and generated significant monetary losses, so it requested a compensation of US$500 million. According to the company, the Mexican government's actions were unilateral and violated existing agreements. For its part, the Mexican government has proposed several alternatives for the company to make use of the concession without resorting to mining, since this would harm the ecosystem.On May 23, López Obrador received Thomas Hill, CEO, Vulcan Materials, after tension between the company and the Mexican government escalated following the latter’s accusation that the company extracts and exports limestone to the US without the required permits. However, no agreement was reached. In a report, Vulcan explained that if the company's issues with the government are not resolved, Vulcan is expected to lose between US$80 and US$100 million in 2022.
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Southeastern Watershed

Water Safety Concerns of the Southeastern Watershed of Belize

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