Quarrying Health Risks

Dust created by quarries is considered respirable crystalline silica, a type of particulate matter. Studies have established a strong link between these particles and the following health effects:

  • ·       Silicosis
  • ·       Pulmonary disease
  • ·       Reduction in lung function
  • ·       Leukemia
  • ·       Atherosclerosis and heart disease
  • ·       Dysrhythmia
  • ·       Heart failure and cardiac arrest
  • ·       Stroke and cognitive disorders3
  • ·       Fertility problems
  • ·       Miscarriage
  • ·       Premature birth
  • ·       Low birth weight


The science is extremely concerning and there is much research on the issue. On air toxicity, the Environmental Working Group, a US-based body specialising in research and advocacy, has stated that The danger of airborne silica is especially acute for children…Silica air pollution has become a danger for residents near mining and processing operations. Children, older adults and others with existing disease are especially at risk.